Learners can be taught to study more effectively by supporting their own abilities to
self-regulate their learning (SRL). (Hadwin, Järvelä & Miller, 2010; Zimmerman &
Schunk, 2011, Zimmerman & Bandura, 1994). In addition of strong understanding of
SRL, research in the UBIKO learning context will target to analyse the nature of effective
classroom practices (Malmberg, Järvenoja & Järvelä, 2010).

Despite of strong theoretical evidence of the effectiveness of SRL , teachers are often
unsure about how to support pupils in practice and the pupils need more experience and
training to SRL (Perry, Hutchinson, & Thauberger, 2008). Teacher education, especially,
should support teachers to learn how to promote SRL effectively (Dignath-van Ewijk &
van der Werf, 2012).

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