UBIKO - School unit as an inspiring learning environment
Heikki Kontturi, Hannu Juuso, Vuokko Kangas, Kari Kumpulainen, Tuulikki
Tuominen*, Sanna Järvelä**
Faculty of Education, Oulu University Teacher Training School,
**Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit,
* Faculty of Architecture, University of Oulu, Finland
Learners can be taught to study more effectively by
supporting their own abilities to self-regulate their learning (SRL).
Despite of strong theoretical evidence of the effectiveness of SRL,
teachers are often unsure about how to support pupils in practice
and the pupils need more experience and training to SRL. More.
The name UBIKO means ubiqutous technology enhanced learning…. Read more.
UBIKO is a reseach based development project aiming to renew the school
and to understand what kind of school promotes inspired and skillfull learners.
Read more.

UBIKO.EU - Update School to the 21st Century Learning Needs.

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