Skilfull learners regulate their solo on collaborative learning processes.
Photos: Markku Lang
UBIKO is a pedagogical development project (2011-2013) with a wideranging approach (pedagogy, infrastructure, culture) to modify school life to the 21st century learning needs.
Despite of strong theoretical evidence of the effectiveness of SRL , teachers are often unsure about how to support pupils in practice and the pupils need more experience and training to SRL (Perry, Hutchinson, & Thauberger, 2008). Teacher education, especially, should support teachers to learn how to promote SRL effectively (Dignath-van Ewijk & van der Werf, 2012).

   Pupils need support, choices, failures and success to learn to  regulate their learning.

   Researcher - Teacher collaboration is an effective and evidence based way to develop school practices.
   Case UBIKO shows the strenght of multidisciplinary collaboration in school research and development.
   Flexible learning environment supports the promotion of SRL (Multi-locational learning).

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