The name UBIKO means ubiqutous technology enhanced learning. UBIKO consists of
110 4th and 5th graders (age 10-11) working with their teachers in a designated unit of
Oulu University Teacher Training School (OUTTS) and it is mainly funded by The Finnish
National Board of Education (FNBE).

In 2012 UBIKO was strengthened, as the University properties of Finland Ltd (the owner
of the school building) conjoined pursuing for the common goal. With support of the
Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES) it started the Ubiko
DEMO project, comprising several studies on the effects of changes on architectural
indoor design and indoor environmental factors, eg. indoor air quality, acoustics
and lightning, on teachers' and pupils' activities. The DEMO included renovation of the
UBIKO -unit from 5 traditional classrooms to a learning environment that supports
UBIKO’s pedagogical aims.

Currently UBIKO provides a platform for multidisciplinary approach for research and
pedagogical development.
Learners can be taught to study more effectively by supporting their own abilities to
self-regulate their learning (SRL). (Hadwin, Järvelä & Miller, 2010; Zimmerman &
Schunk, 2011, Zimmerman & Bandura, 1994). In addition of strong understanding of
SRL, research in the UBIKO learning context will target to analyse the nature of effective
classroom practices (Malmberg, Järvenoja & Järvelä, 2010).
3D drawing of UBIKO -unit by Heikki Luminen

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